Knowing Your Spiritual Needs Makes Life Meaningful and Peaceful – Explore


A vital part of recovery is spirituality. In times of adversity, it is a source of strength. It is essential to our welfare and enhances all aspects of our lives, including the ones that are physical, mental, emotional, and relational.

uncover areas of your life that provide meaning and purpose by asking “What’s important to you?” Humanity now has access to strong technologies thanks to scientific advancement. We are able to alter plant species through genetic engineering through in vitro fertilization and human genome editing; we are able to produce designer children.

Although science has given us access to nuclear power, it hasn’t given us an understanding of what is a proper or improper way to use it. The answers to life’s big questions do not lie in our material knowledge.

What is the overarching goal of my existence? I, who? Why did I come to this planet? If we don’t know the answers to these questions, then we are just scurrying around aimlessly without really understanding what life is all about.

We are souls, which are divine and eternal, rather than physical bodies created of stuff. We do not have spiritual experiences as physical beings. Instead, in this world of Maya, we are spiritual beings enjoying a human experience.

As a result, we are unsatisfied with our routine daily encounters. Our soul longs to be in a relationship with something holy and superior to ourselves. to transcend the drudgery of ordinary life to discover greater meaning in life. Therefore, spirituality is necessary.

Some people’s need for spiritual satiation grows so great that they give up everything else to satisfy it. We are all aware of the Buddha’s tale of how he abandoned the world in pursuit of the meaning of human existence after witnessing old age, illness, and death in his realm.

Spirituality does not necessarily compel us to give up on the world. It is also possible to practice it at home, according to the Bhagavad Gita. Lord Krishna teaches that both a sannyasi and a grihastha can be spiritual.

  • Every person needs to consistently experience the empowering and healing power of love, both from others and from a higher power.
  • Everyone needs to have to revive transcendental experiences—moments that take us beyond our immediate sensory realms.
  • Everyone requires fundamental beliefs to provide a sense of purpose and optimism in the face of setbacks, tragedies, and failures.
  • In order to live a morally and socially responsible life, each person has to have values, priorities, and life commitments. These commitments are typically focused on matters of justice, honesty, and love.
  • Every person must come to know and nurture their innate intelligence, creativity, and love for their distinct transpersonal/spiritual selves.
  • Everyone needs to become more aware of their interconnectedness with others, the natural world, and the amazing network of all living things.
  • To aid with the terrible wounds of grief, guilt, resentment, unforgiveness, self-rejection, and shame, every human being requires spiritual resources. In order to enhance our feelings of self-confidence, self-worth, hope, joy, and love of life, we also need spiritual resources.

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