Is Multivitamin a solution…

multivitamin benefits

The food that we intake, hardly contain any vitamins and other essentials in them, because, the way the crops are grown using chemicals and the preservation techniques and our cook procedures take away all the nutrients in them. Not only this, it is also difficult to get Fresh fruits and vegetables, so those people who are health conscious prefer to substitute this deficiency with supplements and multivitamins. People had a belief that intake daily dose of vitamins or minerals apart from the food helps in replacing the nutrients requirements of the body.

Several studies have shown that, multivitamins cannot protect the major functioning organs of the body such as brain or heart, however, some studies reveal it to be quite effective in reducing cataracts and cancer.  Some researchers believe that it is useless to use multivitamins, while others believe it is good to do so.

Hence, it is obvious to have various doubts as to why do we need to take multivitamins? We need to take them only when, we don’t follow balanced diet and intake fresh fruits, which have all the necessary levels of proteins, vitamins and minerals that are required for the proper functioning of the body. Also, it can be taken in case a medical practitioner prescribes it, after identifying a particular deficit or necessity.

Consuming multivitamins or a particular supplement on our own can harm our body as we are unaware of the dosage our body requires. So those who are concerned about their health should always consult a nutritional expert or a medical practitioner before consuming any vitamin or mineral supplements.

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