How to Keep Kids Engaged During Summer vacation

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Summer is here again and the holiday season has started. A summer vacation is a time that children desperately wait for and love too. Summer vacation usually means playing time, fun time, and time to visit native places and spend some quality time with grandparents and relatives. Parents also find some relief as they also get a break from the routine, a bit of relaxation and ease.

Unlike in olden days, children of present era are occupied with holiday home work. In the initial days of vacation, children are usually busy playing around, but often complain after few days of boredom. They watch TV or play games on computer or on phone and remain confused as to what to do, and how to spend the leisure time.

So, here comes our role as a parent to guide them to how to make them, utilize their time constructively and for their betterment as a person and as a student. It does not necessarily mean that we have to be after them asking them to study. We can engage them in other activities that are of interest to them, like some children like gardening. We can involve them in doing small tasks like watering plants.

Some kids, who show interest in outdoor activities, can register themselves in summer camps as it provides better opportunity for them to mingle and socialize with other children and learn many things. Apart from this, we can join them in various recreational classes such as dance, vocal music, instrumental music, drawing, swimming, or encourage them in learning a new sport or any other activity which a child loves doing.

In case If there is no possibility of travelling to any interesting destination, you can substitute it by taking your kids to the nearby zoological parks situated in your city, preferably a big park where children have lot of place to run around and play. Or you may even plan for a visit to historical temples or places if any such exist, in your city or the place where you live. This will not only make your kids happy but also creates awareness of cultural and historical importance of the place.

If you are living in a colony, or in an apartment complex, then all the children in the place can be formed into groups and some interesting activities can be conducted for them. Such as sports competitions, conducting quiz, dance or music programmes, debate or essay writing competitions. All these activities help children to learn social skills and help them get rid of their fears.

So, try out any or some of these ideas and keep the children active and involved in constructive activities, during holidays. 

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