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Shrimad Bhagavad Gita: Sankhya Yogam: Chapter 2: Verse 67

Bhagavad Gita - krishna --bhagavad gita dhyana shloka

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Having a Goal is Essential Both in Material & Spiritual Path

इन्द्रियाणां हि चरतां यन्मनोऽनुविधीयते |
तदस्य हरति प्रज्ञां वायुर्नावमिवाम्भसि || 2.67||

indriyāṇāṁ hi charatāṁ yan mano ’nuvidhīyate
tadasya harati prajñāṁ vāyur nāvam ivāmbhasi|| 2.67||

Shloka Translation
BG – Ch. 2- Ver. 67:

Even one of the senses on which the mind focuses might lead the intellect astray, just as a strong wind can blow a boat off its chartered path on the water.


Even one sensory organ has the power to destroy us. Here Shri Krishna uses the example of a ship at sea without a rudder. It will follow the wind wherever it goes, and finally gets destroyed. Similarly, a single sensory organ might deprive the intellect of its ability to function and we will not be aware of it unless we are constantly attentive and alert.

The superior, Atman, is always pointed to by our consciousness. If you follow your conscience, you will find yourself in a peaceful harbour. You meditate here and pass over to the Immortality shoreline. The entire aim of human life is to bring us closer to God. There will be obstacles and challenges as you embark on this journey. You must put them aside and focus on your goal with sincerity and commitment.

Give your thoughts a higher purpose, a nobler aim to strive for. The mind instinctively refrains from sense indulgence when you are inspired by the greater. Denying yourself does not allow you to regulate your senses. It is vital to replace lower desires with greater desires.

Verse & what we can learn

Senses when under control and given the right direction they can help a person evolve to the next dimension. But when they are left to their will and wish can destruct life.

How can we control our senses? What are 5 working senses? What does Gita say about mind?

These are some of the fundamental questions that we find answers to in the Bhagavad Gita. How to control senses is a major issue. Shri Krishna says that having one higher goal and working towards it keeping the mind and senses focused will lead to peace, balance and success. There are five senses bhagavad gita throws light on & controlling the senses Bhagavad gita says is very important for development and success.

Meditation helps one stay focused and disciplined when practiced daily. There are various types of meditation like Buddhist meditation, heartfulness meditation, mindfulness meditation, meditation for stress, and each meditation benefits are countless. There are also numerous meditation techniques for beginners which help in practicing daily meditation so go ahead and start your journey towards a peaceful and balanced life.

In the next verse, Shri Krishna explains to Arjuna the quality of the one who is firmly established in transcendental knowledge.

Let’s learn to live with “The Gita” via Meditation Affinity…

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