Bhagavad Gita

Shrimad Bhagavad Gita: Sankhya Yogam: Chapter 2: Verse 2

BG 2. 2


Let’s take a look at the words Shri Krishna used. They weren’t pleasant words. They weren’t heartfelt sympathies or words of encouragement. They were harsh, provocative words intended to shock Arjuna out of his deep sleep. They were meant to show Arjuna that his assessment of the situation, as well as his plan to get out of it, were completely incorrect and invalid.

Verse & What We Can Learn

One should take enough time to come to a decision or conclusion about a situation or a person, but once the decision is made & conclusions drawn, one should stick to that decision without any change of mind and should not look back.

Having sympathetic or kind emotions towards those (people) that want to get rid of us, & disrespect us, only drags us more towards negative consequences.

In the next verses, we will see Lord Krishna asking Arjuna to overcome this weakness of the heart.

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