Bhagavad Gita

Shrimad Bhagavad Gita: Sankhya Yogam: Chapter 2: Verse 1

BG 2. 1


Sanjaya uses the word kripaya, which means sympathy or compassion, to characterize Arjuna’s feelings. There are two types of compassion. One is God’s and the saints’ divine compassion for souls in the corporeal realm who are suffering because of their separation from God. The other is material compassion, which we feel when we observe others in physical pain. Material sympathy is a wonderful emotion that isn’t always addressed correctly.

Arjuna is dealing with the second type of emotion. He is overcome with material pity for his opponents who have gathered for battle. The fact that Arjun is overtaken with grief and despair reveals that he is in desperate need of compassion himself. As a result, the idea of him being merciful to others has no significance.

Verse & What We Can Learn

Compassion is a great quality but it makes sense only when used towards right (person or in right situation) for the right reason.

Even the greatest person can become weak in every way when his Viveka is suppressed.

In the next verses, we will see Lord Krishna addressing Arjuna after hearing all his concerns from previous chapter.

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