Do we Learn to Earn

Do we Learn to Earn

If we look at our present educational system, we get various doubts, if learning is merely for the sake of earning? We consider ourselves well developed and sophisticated in many ways as compared to our previous generations. But, when we look at ourselves and the people who live in our societies, we have become simply money making machines.

Our young generation is pressurized from their childhood; we make them to think, one cannot survive without money and earning money is the ultimate goal in this competitive world and hence is forced to earn name, fame and money, to achieve respect in the society. Generally, this is what we all are taught and hence, we learn only to become capable enough to earn.

Our ancient education system aimed at converting a child into a human being and then into a divine being. It taught people the value of human life, values, and ethics.  It equipped a person with all the necessary qualities that are needed to make life useful not only to himself but to all others around him.

But unfortunately, today’s learning process is in no way near to our ancient system. Learning should elevate a person to higher levels, it should make one’s thinking process and perceptions better and it should enable him/her to make life easy and peaceful. But on the other hand, the learning process followed in recent times is taking away the peace and tranquility.

One should learn to lead a better life and has to keep learning to improve oneself. One should focus on learning to become better individuals and learn those things which help us and our fellow humans to being better humans. Once we focus on these aspects of learning, the real learning process begins.

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