Life, the best mentor

Life, the best mentor

If there is one best trainer or mentor in the entire world, it is our own Life. Life teaches us so many valuable lessons, but the difference is some learn it early, while other take time to rectify and progress, and most of us learn it lately, when we repent for our doings.

Life is, infact, a preparation process. As in our childhood, we study to learn the basics of life and prepare ourselves, to lead a good life in future. As we grow young, we study, learn to acquire skills, earn money again prepare ourselves to have a better family life. When we are in our middle age, we prepare ourselves for our future; accumulate money, properties and people to lead a safe and secure life.

During this process of preparation, we learn so many valuable lessons, that life teaches us. We also acquire so many qualities such as patience, compassion and love. In fact, if we go deep and study, life itself is a chance given to us for preparation; to prepare ourselves towards the unknown journey, when we go beyond our physical body i.e., after death.

So, we can never expect life to be stable and without any challenges, all we can do is to keep preparing ourselves for the next step and to keep moving ahead, towards a journey that is full of twists and turns.

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