Top 6 Tips to Develop Good Habits

Top 6 Tips to Develop Good Habits

We all know the value of good habits in our life and are very willing to make it part of our routine life. But, we feel so helpless when it comes to making a change in our routine way of life and habits that we hardly prefer changing them and stick to our old habits. This is what commonly happens to all of us.

But I have good news for you; yes there is something we can do about this. So those of you who really want to replace the old, unhealthy habits with the new, good and healthy ones, check out these tips.

  1. First make a list of those habits that you want to change. It may be relating to your health, eating habits, spending money unnecessarily, alcohol, smoking, anything that is of concern and priority and you need to change.
  2. After identifying those habits that you want to change decide that you will not at any cost from that very moment go towards it, not tomorrow, not afterwards, because that time hardly ever comes.
  3. Prepare yourself for the change. Like if you want to leave a habit of excessive eating, plan in advance what you will do when you feel like eating again, may be drinking a glass of water would be a good and healthy replacement. So, prepare yourself in that way, and replace your old habit with a new and good one.
  4. Don’t just decide and forget that you will change your habit. Keep reminding yourself every time when ever the situation comes and make an effort willingly to stop doing that thing then and there.
  5. Daily after you wake up decide that for that day you will not repeat your bad habit and in that moment when you feel like doing it hold back and decide that you will not do it and you will make yourself strong.
  6. Tell everyone around you in the home and in the office that from that moment and from that day you will not do such and such a thing. So, that you gain their cooperation and when next time you feel like doing it, it might remind you that you had admitted it in front of everyone that I will not do so, you will stay away from that habit. Either out of shame or fear, but the end result will be good that you are winning your bad habits.

A habit may be good or bad. If you continue doing it for a period of time you will get used to doing it and becomes natural for you to be so. Hence, replace the unhealthy habits with good and healthy ones and lead a happy, healthy, successful and peaceful life.

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