Sleep like a baby this Hot Summer!

Sleep like a baby this Hot Summer!

Getting a good and sound sleep is a major issue, especially, for people living in urban areas during summer. Our body requires an idle temperature to get proper and sound sleep. The higher the temperature, the more difficulty one experiences while sleeping. Though people assemble air conditioners and coolers, at homes and workplaces, but, in most of the places, there are issues related to poor electric supply. So, it becomes highly impossible to get a sound sleep, especially for children and elderly.

Here are some useful tips that might help you tackle this issue:

  • Shut your windows of the bed room and ensure curtains are properly pulled when the temperature is extremely high in the morning hours.
  • During the nights, in case of cool breeze, open the windows of the bed room and allow the air to flow.
  • Opt for ground floor, instead of the upper ones, as people living in lower floors experience less heat.
  • Also, Sleeping outside in cool breeze, is just bliss, during hot summers. So, ensure safety and security aspects and do take protective measures to safeguard yourselves from insects and mosquitoes while sleeping outdoors such as garden area, terrace or in any open place in the premises of your home.
  • Take a cool shower prior to bed time as it is found to be a very effective way to get a good sleep.
  • Prefer loose, light colored night wear as well as light colored bed sheets and linen in summer, as it absorbs sweat.
  • While you switch on air conditioners for your bed room make sure that you choose the right size, as per the size of the bed room.
  • The room where the air conditioner is fit needs to be closed and ventilators and other openings are required to be sealed to fasten the cooling process.
  • Listening to light and relaxing music before going to bed is a great way to get a sound sleep.
  • In the absence of an air conditioner make sure that there is enough space, for the air flow, and air circulation in the bed room as it aids in getting good sleep.

Just follow these simple and easy tips and sleep cool during hot summers.

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