The True Devotee’s Journey Through the Depths of Sorrow and Darkness


Do we actually trust God? We would succeed monetarily and spiritually if we did. One who has given themselves over to God will never live an unhappy existence. When we stand before God, all we talk to him about is the outside world.

We pray merely to satisfy our desires; our devotion is not sincere and selfless. Not that we shouldn’t have wishes, but our love for God should come before our desire to have our needs satisfied.

Once Lord Krishna questioned Radha. How will you respond to pain?  “I’ll reflect on the Lord who is within. I’ll keep him in my heart’s memory. “Where is the room for sadness when your shape shines brightly in my heart? The darkness is inevitably vanquished when light breaks through.

True devotion does not concern itself with difficulties in life. Devotee is completely given over to God and continues to be worry-free, the way we love God is the same as the way we love the rest of the world. Its methodology, approach, etc., are all exactly the same; how else could this be? It is the only way we are aware of to love.

The sole distinction between the two is that while in the former we have an image of a god; in the latter, we have an image of a worldly man or woman. We hold the lamp of love; it is up to us whether we aim it toward the world or towards God. attachment, when focused on God, is referred to as bhakti.

Love is not something that can be learned or imparted by another person. But when we are in the presence of a great master, we are able to sense it and, eventually, cultivate it because a Sadhguru provides the ideal environment for love to flourish inside us. The circumstances the guru creates will be so lovely and unforgettable. They’ll live on as a wonderful memory for all time.

Such an occurrence will set off a huge wave of affection within us, waves of love rise within us until there is only love left. The guru will seize our hearts and souls through these situations, infusing us with pure love.

  • The sole dharma of a follower is to maintain an attitude of gratitude.
  • Love for one’s God is the source of a devotee’s happiness.
  • A devotee believes that God is present everywhere and has never left him.
  • A follower thinks of God constantly.
  • A devotee always says, “Thy will be done,”

What does the Bhagavad Gita define as true happiness?

A person without any comfy items or solace, without something to eat or wear nearby, without a place to dwell, and without anyone or anything to serve. He is a happy person when he is in a state where he does not experience sadness or the need for anyone, anything, or any scenario, but instead is always filled with joy.

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