Steps To Develop Cordial Relations with Team Mates

Steps To Develop Cordial Relations with Team Mates

When you are working as a team, in a work place and if your role is of a Team Leader, or a team member, you need to maintain good relationship with all the team mates. This is not only essential for your own individual growth but also for the development of the organization.

Below discussed are some key aspects that will aid in establishing and maintaining good relations with not only the team members but also other people in the organization. Additionally, it might be useful in other areas of your life while interacting with other people.

Giving Respect and then expecting it:

Everyone in the world wants to be respected by others, though there will be few who will earn it. But it is not advisable to judge the credentials of a person, just make it a habit to give respect to each and every individual. And then when it comes to your behavior and interaction, behave in a way that you don’t lose your dignity others start respecting you.

Giving Time to Interact and to Share:  

If respect is the foundation for a good relationship, spend time with the other person and also share lighter moments with them. Talking and knowing about each other helps in establishing a good relationship. So, when you have a break time don’t keep spending time on telephonic conversations, instead interact with your team mates and get to know each other.

Gaining Trust:

This is a very important aspect in building good relationship. Unless people trust each other, there is no scope for a good relationship. Only when you spend quality time with other people and share your experiences or knowledge, will you be able to gain the trust of the other person.

Two Way Relationships:

In any given situation, it is very difficult to sustain a one-sided relationship. It takes efforts from both the persons to make a good solid relationship. It is very important that you strike a balance, if you want to have a good relationship.

Enjoy with your Teammates:

It is quiet usual for us to hang out with our dear ones, friends and loved ones, but if you want to maintain a good relationship with the team mates, spend some enjoyable moments with them also. Plan an outing, when there is a happy occasion, visit them, spend some time with them. Invite them on special occasion and share your happiness with them. This will indeed help in building a great relationship.

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