Six Ways to End an Argument or a Fight

Six Ways to End an Argument or a Fight

Any human born on this earth wants a peaceful and happy life. But in life we come across those situations when we just can’t hold it anymore, we tend to lose our cool and start an argument or a fight. Though, later on, we may repent for our behavior, but for most of us, it is just impossible task to handle ourselves in that moment of time.

We all know that and argument or a dispute does not lead to any solution, in fact it even spoils the relationship. But what recent studies show is that arguments and fights not only spoil relationships but also health. Studies show that people who argue and fight, have shorter life span and people who don’t argue and fight live for long. So for your own health sake, take a decision not to involve yourself in fights or arguments and try to keep your cool.

But what is it that we can do to end a fight, let us look at those ways:

  1. First and the foremost thing one needs to do, is to stop arguing, in the very moment. The parties in arguments may have valid reason to argue but forget everything. We might not have control over the situation or behavior of the person, but we definitely have to self-control, so start the corrective step from your side.
  2. When you are triggered and feel ready to burst out, take some deep breaths or count back words from 10 or leave the place and go for a walk or listen to your favorite piece of music.
  3. If the other person knows your weakness and intentionally says something that he knows very well will trigger you, don’t repeat that behavior towards him to trigger him, as it might worsen the situation.
  4. In case there is a scope of a fight or an argument, you take responsibility of yourself, that no matter what, you will behave yourself and will not cross limits. Remember what your intention is, whether it is to win the love of the other person or to win the fight or argument? Then it will be easy for you to hold yourself back.
  5. Giving up fighting or arguing does not make you inferior, any fool on the earth can fight or argue. But it takes a person with great inner strength to have control over his emotions and feelings and the ability to think what is right in that moment and act accordingly. So by giving up ways to fight and arguments, you are opening the doors of love. Remember this and you will never regret that you dropped your swords (swords of words).
  6. Remember that fighting or arguing is not the ideal way to communicate with the other person. Instead look into the eyes and feel the heart and communicate fully whatever there is in your mind.

Try to follow these techniques when you confront with such situation and see what you make out of yourself.

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