A Purpose, Does Add Years To Life Span…

A Purpose Does Add Years To Life Span…

The reason, why we find an increase in suicide rate today is that, people feel they are not worth living or they have nothing to accomplish or they can accomplish nothing they don’t find a definite reason or purpose to live.

In early years of life, a person is too busy thinking about the career, family life, responsibilities or burdens etc. But, as he gets older he becomes free of responsibilities and burdens, feels insecure and starts thinking about death.

At one point of time, when we feel that we don’t have anything to do or anything to accomplish, we start developing thoughts of death. So to have a extended life or to live long it is very important to set goals at every stage of life.

There is purpose, God, has set for each and every one in our life. Life is not just to live for the sake of our own family, work for them, earn for them and one fine day you die thinking about them.

As we extend our thought process, our life extends, so, we should prepare mentally that we have to live longer, why because, we have a responsibility not only towards ourselves, but, also towards others. Many people plan for life after retirement; instead of thinking after retirement we will be old and sick and will be able to do nothing.

Think and plan how to lead a healthy retired life. Have some goals. All these years you have been spending your life for family, think what you can do for the society and in what way you can be of help to your fellow beings. May be you can teach, may be you can write, may be you can share your knowledge and experience with the younger ones and guide them.

There are several tasks that you can do to make your life better and other people’s life better. Discover them and start living for that reason, which may give you strength and will make you want to live more so that you can give more.

So, never think that life ends after retirement or after you reach certain age. Life ends when you think you have nothing to do here. Find a purpose to live life, for the betterment of yourself and the people around you and you may surely lead a longer and satisfying life.

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