BullSpree – the Dream11 of the stock market launched!

Gurugram: India’s new-age business school, Masters’ Union, provides industry-immersive business education to help students blend their passions with venture concepts and embark on their entrepreneurial careers. Masters’ Union understands that entrepreneurial forces are one of the key driving forces for sustainable growth in the economy. Hence, the institution’s Venture Initiation Programme (VIP) mainly addresses these focal points and provides its students with an opportunity and required knowledge to set foot in the startup world. Having said that, Masters’ Union is thrilled with the journey undertaken by BullSpree, the first venture of this programme. It is a unique initiative that celebrates the coming together of gaming and the stock market to encourage the spread of financial literacy among the younger generation. It is a first-of-a-kind offering, and Masters’ Union takes pride in its innovative and exciting fusion of two extremes.

BullSpree is India’s first and finest fantasy stock platform that actively engages the audience and showcases knowledge of the stock market. The players or the participants can create their dream stock portfolio for any given contest from upcoming matches, score points based on their daily performance and compete with other players. Those who are oblivious to the mumbo-jumbo and basic understanding of the stocks and market are also welcomed as BullSpree offers news, updates and tips of markets to its users which helps them learn, analyse and forecast the market. It will eventually help them earn on the fantasy app. To play on BullSpree, a user can pick the desired portfolio from the oil sector, real estate sector and banking sector, among others. Users can create their portfolios using credits, and they earn points based on chosen scripts’ performance in the stock market.

BullSpree stands apart for its simplified, user-friendly features. These include winning real cash, adopting and excelling in gaming skills, hassle-free and secured credit and withdrawal, 24×7 support services, news updates, maintaining scorecards, instant and easy withdrawal and deposit of money. In addition, it helps the audience to become a pro in stock market trading and provides them tips for tracking and cracking the real market working.

Sharing his exhilaration over the response received by BullSpree, Rupesh Bisht, CEO of Masters’ Union, said, “We are so proud of Dharmil, Harsh and Yash, the masterminds behind BullSpree, and wish them great success. It brings us immense joy to see how Venture Initiation Programme helped them bring their dream to fruition. The idea behind this programme is to provide all the possible support to the students needed to dive into their entrepreneurial journey. We strongly believe that the startup ecosystem, which rests on entrepreneurship, is the economy’s future. We could not be glad enough to witness the success of BullSpree, which we see as our winning, like a proud parent. This is a great platform for millennials to attain financial literacy and learn how to save. We are optimistic about BullSpree’s exponential growth as a venture. The founders tapped the right market and target audience as the KPMG report suggests a rise of CAGR 165.9% during 2016-2020 in India’s fantasy sports user base. It grew from 2 million in June 2016 to 100 million in 2020 and is still rising.”

Dharmil Bhavishi, Co-Founder of BullSpree, says, “We are grateful to Masters’ Union’s Venture Initiation Programme. It serves as a multi-sided platform for all students interested in acquiring key concepts of entrepreneurship and innovation, providing the necessary tools and resources to get started. We have started BullSpree with an idea to gamify the exciting stock markets in a specific language to stimulate millennials and make it easier for them to invest, make and save money. We are in the process of scaling up by tying with a lot of colleges because that is where we can get our stable target group. We aim to reach 5 million people in the next five years in our adventurous expedition aimed at financial literacy and having fun.”

“We strongly believe that the VIP programme by Masters’ Union has enabled and motivated our entrepreneurial spirit and provided us with a better understanding of the startup ecosystem. It is a unique knowledge-sharing platform where industry veterans, leading executives and successful businessmen share their insights packed with proven skills and experience. It helped us in successfully launching our very first venture.” adds Harsh Dhanawat, Co-Founder of BullSpree.

Yash Shah, BullSpree’s team member, talks about the role of Masters’ Union as the guiding light from the very beginning of this dream project. He says, “We hope that Masters’ Union witnesses several more successful startups, like BullSpree, in the coming years. One crucial aspect of entrepreneurship we learned on our journey with BullSpree is that all the partners should have clear expectations over business expansion plans and should be able to communicate their vision well. It eventually contributes majorly to the flourishing of a business. We were able to share our goals well, as Masters’ Union stresses equally on communication skills as it does on other management skills.”

BullSpree has an ambitious short-term goal of growing its user base and gaining 10,000 downloads in the next 60 days. The platform consistently works on a real-time dashboard to achieve the same and enhance the user experience. The target user base is GenZ, as it is a generation with more disposable income compared to our successors and yet lives hand-to-mouth in most cases. It is our understanding that GenZ needs financial literacy the most when compared to the older generation. However, as per a report, only 24% of this total population has demonstrated adequate financial literacy. Worse, 30% of the population has displayed financial fragility and has one or more long-term debt.

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