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Shrimad Bhagavad Gita: Sankhya Yogam: Chapter 2: Verse 59

Bhagavad Gita - krishna --bhagavad gita dhyana shloka

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Having A Fixed Mind on Divine/Real Goal Helps in Developing Love Towards Divine and Detachment Towards Lower Vasanas

विषया विनिवर्तन्ते निराहारस्य देहिन: |
रसवर्जं रसोऽप्यस्य परं दृष्ट्वा निवर्तते || 2.59||

viṣhayā vinivartante nirāhārasya dehinaḥ
rasa-varjaṁ raso ’pyasya paraṁ dṛiṣhṭvā nivartate|| 2.59||

Shloka Translation
BG – Ch. 2- Ver. 59:

Aspirants may restrict their senses access to their favourite pleasures, yet their taste for them persists. Even this taste fades away for those who recognise the Supreme.


The sense objects turn away from an abstinent person the rasa and relish, do not turn away from an individual. When the Supreme is seen, even the taste fades. Again, he provides a very useful tip.

When you make up your mind and exercise your willpower to control a weakness, the object immediately turns away.

The joy of realization is limitless. All finite things lose their appeal when compared to the infinite.

You must remain awake and alert at all times. The need for sensory pleasure persists until Realization. It can appear at any time and take you off the path.
All-bliss is God. The soul is fulfilled in happiness when it achieves God. Then one acquires natural dispassion for the lower sensual pleasures. This hard and unwavering detachment that comes with devotion is a gift.

Shri Krishna is suggesting that we should fix our focus on something greater than ourselves and stick to it throughout our lives. The higher the aim, the more likely we are to overcome our biases. The Bhagavad Gita offers the beautiful path of reduction of passions by directing them toward God, rather than a dry negation of passions.

Verse & what we can learn

When we engage our senses in the taste of divine happiness or consciousness they no longer crave for lower things.

Always having our mind focused on achieving the highest and thinking, and taking action towards only that helps us in self-realization.

What are 5 knowledge acquiring senses?

How can we control our senses, Bhagavad Gita? What it has to say?

Controlling the senses, Bhagavad Gita, how can it help us?

How does Gita help in overcoming sense objects?

Bhagavad Gita on senses gives us an overall understanding and the ways and means to master them and use them in the right direction for spiritual progress. Daily meditation also helps in attaining mastery over the sense organs and takes us forward in the spiritual path.

There are various types of meditation like Buddhist meditation, heartfulness meditation, mindfulness meditation, meditation for stress, and each meditation benefits are countless. There are also numerous meditation techniques for beginners which help in practicing daily meditation so go ahead and start your journey towards a peaceful and balanced life.

In the next verse, Shri Krishna tells Arjuna about the nature of the senses.

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