Bhagavad Gita

Shrimad Bhagavad Gita: Sankhya Yogam: Chapter 2: Verse 10

BG 2. 10


In sharp contrast to Arjuna’s moaning, Shree Krishna smiled, demonstrating that the circumstance did not depress him; rather, he was quite content with it. Such is the calm manner of someone well-versed in all situations.

We identify flaws in the conditions we’re in because of our limited perception; we cry and grumble about them, yearn to run away from them and blame them for our pain. The enlightened spirits, on the other hand, tell us that God’s world is perfect in every manner and that both good and bad things happen to us for a reason. They’re all in place to help us progress spiritually, to propel us forward on our path to perfection. Those who comprehend this secret are never agitated in difficult situations, instead address them with calm and peace.

Verse & What We Can Learn

Good and bad situations come to us with a divine purpose in life and they come with the purpose of spiritual evolution.

When persons become comfortable difficulties and problems come their way to increase their soul power, putting their powers to the test and so that they can cope with the situation and progress spiritually.

In the next verse, we will see Lord Shri Krishna speaking to Arjuna.

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