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Shrimad Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 13: Kṣhetra Kṣhetrajña Vibhāg Yogam, Verse 24:

Bhagavad Gita - krishna

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I Am Their Witness, Eternal And Distinct From The Three Gunaas, Sattva, Rajas, And Tamas, This Is How A Seeker Should Think All The Time

य एवं वेत्ति पुरुषं प्रकृतिं च गुणै: सह |
सर्वथा वर्तमानोऽपि न स भूयोऽभिजायते || 13.24||

ya evaṁ vetti puruṣhaṁ prakṛitiṁ cha guṇaiḥ saha
sarvathā vartamāno ’pi na sa bhūyo ’bhijāyate || 13.24||

Shloka Translation
BG – Ch. 13- Ver. 24:

Those who grasp the truth about the Supreme Soul, the individual soul, material nature, and the interrelationship of the three modes of nature will never return to this world. Regardless of their current state, they will be set free.


Ignorance is to blame for the soul’s current plight. It has slipped into material consciousness after forgetting its spiritual identity as a small piece of God. As a result, knowledge is essential for resurrecting itself from its current state. Shree Krishna is referring to realized wisdom, not simply scholastic knowledge. Understanding realization occurs when we first gain theoretical information about the three beings from the Guru and the scriptures, and then participate in spiritual practice in accordance with that knowledge.

Verse & what we can learn

We must deal with our attachment to the three gunaas of Prakriti before we can remove the ignorance about our actual nature. To put it another way, we must cope with our selfish goals. The method for coping with our selfish impulses is determined by the seeker’s abilities. The most advanced seeker, according to Shri Krishna, has mastered the art of dhyaana yoga, or meditation. They can touch the eternal essence “in the self through the self,” which means they can use their intellect to contact the eternal essence.

Saankhya yoga, is recommended for people who have not mastered meditation. The seeker has complete control over their intellect in this state. Through viveka, or discriminating, they may constantly separate the eternal essence from the three gunas, the Purusha from Prakriti.

The mind is gradually cleansed of selfishness when activities are conducted with the intention of devotion to Ishvara. The knowledge of one’s actual nature outlined in this chapter can be received and internalized by such a pure mind.

To acquire knowledge and to implement that knowledge in life one needs to be mentally and physically active and healthy and for that daily meditation is a great tool.

There are various types of meditation like Buddhist meditation, heartfulness meditation, mindfulness meditation, meditation for stress, and each meditation benefits are countless. There is also numerous meditation techniques for beginners which help in practicing daily meditation so go ahead and start your journey towards a peaceful and balanced life.

In the next shloka Shri Krishna explains how people perceive supreme soul.

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