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Shrimad Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 10: Vibhuti Yogam Verses 26

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Divine Is The Fig Tree, He Is The Narada, The Chitraratha And Sage Kapila

अश्वत्थ: सर्ववृक्षाणां देवर्षीणां च नारद: |
गन्धर्वाणां चित्ररथ: सिद्धानां कपिलो मुनि: || 10.26||

aśhvatthaḥ sarva-vṛikṣhāṇāṁ devarṣhīṇāṁ cha nāradaḥ
gandharvāṇāṁ chitrarathaḥ siddhānāṁ kapilo muniḥ|| 10.26||

Shloka Translation
BG – Ch. 10- Ver. 26:

I am Ashvattha among the trees, and Naarada among the holy sages. I am Chitraratha among the Gandharvas and sage Kapila among the Siddhas.


People who sit under the peepal tree (holy fig tree) find it very relaxing. It is big and provides cooling shade across a vast area since it spreads by sending down aerial roots. Narad, the celestial sage, is the Guru of many famous people, including Veda Vasa, Valmiki, Dhruva, and Prahlada. Throughout the three worlds, he is always shouting God’s praises and performing wonderful wonders. it is his desire to purify famous people that causes him to start quarrels with them, leading to self-introspection and purification.

Chitrarath is the best singer on the Gandharva planet, which is populated by beings who can sing beautifully. The siddhas are yogis who have reached spiritual enlightenment. Sage Kapila was one among them, and he disclosed the Sukha school of philosophy as well as teaching the joys of bhakti yoga. Because he was an Avataara of God, Shree Krishna mentions him as a manifestation of God’s splendor.

Verse & what we can learn

The Swathe tree is Ishvara’s expression because it is the most prominent among trees. In the Gita’s 15th chapter, the Peepul tree, is utilized to symbolically symbolize the human situation. In India, trees are regarded as saints in general. Trees, like saints, always return more to the world than they take.

Shri Krishna then makes a reference to the Gandharvas. Gandharvas are celestial beings that can sing, play instruments, and dance. He views Chitraratha to be the most important of these, as a manifestation of Ishvara. Chitraratha refers to someone who owns a magnificent chariot.

A siddhi is a supernatural ability. The majority of people are drawn to sages who have supernatural abilities. . Sage Kapila was one of the few people who possessed both superhuman abilities and had attained liberty. The Saankhya school of thought is said to have been founded by him. He also gave his mother a sermon, which is known as the Kapila Gita.

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In the next Shloka Shri Krishna tells Arjuna what and who is he among other life.

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