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Shrimad Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 10: Vibhuti Yogam Verses 23

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Shri Krishna Is Shankara, Kubera And The Meru

रुद्राणां शङ्करश्चास्मि वित्तेशो यक्षरक्षसाम् |
वसूनां पावकश्चास्मि मेरु: शिखरिणामहम् || 10.23||

rudrāṇāṁ śhaṅkaraśh chāsmi vitteśho yakṣha-rakṣhasām
vasūnāṁ pāvakaśh chāsmi meruḥ śhikhariṇām aham|| 10.23||

Shloka Translation
BG – Ch. 10- Ver. 23:

I am Shankara among the Rudras, and Vittesha among the Yakshas and Raakshasaas. I am the cleansing fire among the Vasus, and Meru among the mountain peaks.


Hara, Bahurupa, Tryambaka, Aparajita, Vrisakapi, Shankar, Kapardi, Raivata, Mrigavyadha, Sarva, and Kapali are the eleven manifestations of Lord Shiv. In different regions, the Puranas have given them distinct names. Shankar, for example, is the universe’s initial form of Lord Shiv.
Yakshas (semi-celestial entities) are creatures who enjoy accumulating and hoarding money. Kuber, their commander, is the deity of wealth and the celestial gods’ treasury. In this way, he mirrors God’s vibhti among the devils.

Land, water, fire, air, space, sun, moon, and stars are the eight vasus. They make up the universe’s overall structure. Agni (fire) is one among these, providing warmth and energy to the other elements. As a result, Shree Krishna refers to it as one of his particular manifestations.

Meru is a celestial habitation mountain known for its abundant natural riches. It’s thought to be the axis around which numerous celestial bodies revolve. As a result, Shree Krishna refers to it as his splendour. These glories disclose the vibhtis of God.

Verse & what we can learn

Shri Krishna continues by describing Ishvara’s facial emotions. He claims to be Lord Shiva, the most powerful of the Rudra deities. Lord Shiva is Ishvara’s expression, according to Shri Krishna, because he is the calmest of them all and brings joy to his worshippers.

Ishvara is Vittesha, also known as Kubera, among the demigods known as the Yakshas and Rakshasaas. Ishvara’s expression is fire, which is the strongest purifier among the eight Vasus, deities who embody the elemental powers. Ishvara is the mountain known as Meru among the mountain peaks. It is Ishvara’s expression since it is regarded the most significant mountain and the centre of the universe.

We should recall Ishvara through his expressions of fire, Kubera, Mount Meru, and Lord Shiva whenever we see fire, mountains, wealth, or someone in pain due to punishment.

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In the next Shloka Shri Krishna tells Arjuna who and what he is in spiritual teachers, military commanders and water bodies.

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