Sun Stroke / Heat Wave – Its Affects – Some preventive Measures

Global warming is followed by rise in the temperatures during summer at an alarming rate each year. When temperatures are constantly at 40 degree Celsius and above, for a number of days or weeks, it is called, heat wave. As per studies reports, there is an increase in the number of the people, who are […]

Top 10 Ways to Reduce Stress at Work

One of the major segment of people who undergoes stress each day, are the employees. They are expected to give more and qualitative output, within the deadline. As a result of this their stress levels increases and this in turn is leading to health related problems. While, there is nothing that we can actually do […]

What Makes a Good Person

To be good is what we all want to be, and we also want to interact and to have relations only with those who are good. But, when it comes to recognizing good people, we land up in confusion. How to recognize a good person and what makes a good person? Let us know those […]

What Leads You Towards Failure

Failure is something which we would not want to talk about, but if you are on a journey and someone who has already travelled that path informs that you have such and such issues in that path don’t go that way. We will definitely not take that path. Likewise, if we know the causes of […]

Manipulation is basically, emotional exploitation of the other person, with intentions take control of other person, to seize his powers and to benefit from him or her at his or her expense. This is certainly not the right thing to happen to anyone. But today, we find more of such people, whose intentions are only […]

Top 10 Tips to Love Yourself

We keep hearing this again and again that we need to exhibit our love towards others, our fellow beings and other living beings. But, before we go on to all those things first we need to love ourselves. A person who does not love himself cannot love others. For some people loving themselves is difficult, […]

Top 10 Tips to Lead Peaceful Life

If there is one thing that we wish we could have always, at all times and under all circumstances, is peace of mind. It is one thing that every human craves for, be it a millionaire or a working person, irrespective of any gender, each of us have only one common desire to lead a […]

Top 10 Tips to Achieve Success

Success is one thing we all want to achieve in life. Success gives meaning to life and helps not only us but many others to make their life so. But, what is it that we need to do to achieve success in our desired field? Well, let us check out the ingredients for success. Ability […]

Top 10 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Meditation

While living a modern life style and running along with time, there are two valuable things that we have lost, one is peace of mind and the other happiness.  To get back to the normal state and pace and to strike a balance in our life, we need to practice meditation. Since ages, people in […]

Top 10 Leadership Qualities

We all see leaders and admire them and aspire to be like them. But, if we shift our focus to what qualities they have developed to become what they are now, it would be easy for us to become like them. So, let us analyze the qualities of a better leader. The one fact that […]

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