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Top 5 Tips for Self Motivation

We all have goals to be achieved and deadlines to be met and we are sincere when we set goals and feel motivated to achieve them. But after some time, we either forget about these goals or keep postponing and we feel very less motivated to revise our goals and start working. This happens because […]

Top 5 Qualities that Makes a Genius

There have been many views about being genius. Some think people are born genius and many other feel that one can with effort become a genius. Also, there are certain qualities and thinking patterns that genius people follow.  And if any common man focuses or shifts his attention to these qualities and works out on […]

Top 5 Tips for Self Development

People worldwide are aware and are showing interest in practicing self development, which has no limits. The more you develop the more you will find the need to change yourself for your betterment and development. So, the process is never ending, but, the earlier you start with the process the more easy life would become […]

Criticism is a common aspect which you often face in every phase of your life . People criticize you, if you do something or if you don’t do anything or if you do something that no one does. We often remain under the misconception that only useless people or people with empty minds are the […]

Top 6 Tips to Develop Good Habits

We all know the value of good habits in our life and are very willing to make it part of our routine life. But, we feel so helpless when it comes to making a change in our routine way of life and habits that we hardly prefer changing them and stick to our old habits. […]

Top 5 Tips to Remain Un-effected and to be Peaceful

Top 5 Tips to Remain Un-effected and to be Peaceful In life, it is a common occurrence that many times we feel that, we just could let things go and stay calm. But, achieving this state of mind and to remain unaffected is not that easy as it sounds. But, there are also some people […]

Top 5 Success Lessons

If there is anything in the world that every human being craves for, it is success. People want to succeed in everything they do, and it is the hope of success, that makes people progress in life. Desire to succeed is what drives people to work hard and be smart and it is success that […]

Top 5 Benefits of Mindfulness

Mindfulness means being totally aware of the thoughts and actions in the present moment. Mindfulness is all about being present at the moment, with body, mind and heart, in fact, not thinking about either past or present. Most of us are so deeply caught in this web, that we find it hard to be mindful […]

Top 10 Tips to Reduce Stress

A common cause every individual faces, be it working person, home maker, student, professional or anyone in this present age is stress. Causes and reasons may differ. But, the end result coming out of stress is same. As tides are a common feature of sea, so is stress in our life, as long as we […]

Realize Self-Worth; Value People And Things You Associate With…

For some unknown reasons, we humans don’t always realize the value of other persons, things or for that matter anything, until, we lose them. Though we know that, we need to exercise daily, take balanced food and lead a healthy lifestyle, we don’t start following all those things, unless, we fall sick. When one fine […]

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