Know If Your Teen Needs Help…

Know If Your Teen needs Help…

Many parents find it difficult to handle teenagers. This is the time, when they go through hormonal changes; their emotional life is never balanced. They are exposed to new things in life and as they do not have experience and knowledge of the world, there are great chances that they choose the wrong path.          This is common in cases where the teen is not attached to the family or don’t share any bond with them. If parents do not give the teen sufficient time in this age, talk to him with love and guide him. Most of the teens get attached to friends or outside people who show them a little bit of love and give them little attention.

If a teen lacks love, support and guidance from parents in this age, then there are great chances that he or she may turn out to be addicts, not knowing what to do and how to handle things in life. So, parents need to understand them, know them well and offer guidance and love.

But how do you know if your teenage son or daughter is in need of psychological assistance or treatment? Well, look for these symptoms.

  1. Is he able to maintain good relations with his friends and are there any changes in his behavior towards teachers and friends?
  2. Do you find any severe and sudden changes in the behavior that is quiet unusual?
  3. Is he able to do well in studies? Or there is decline in his performance.
  4. Are there any changes in his eating habits like not eating properly, avoiding food, not showing interest towards himself, like the way he dresses, and aspects that relate to personal hygiene?
  5. Do you find that there is a constant change in his / her moods? At one time cool and understanding, at other times violent and angry.
  6. Is he taking any tablets or drugs, or is he taking alcohol or has started smoking?

If you find that your teenage son or daughters with these symptoms, then it is time that you give them counseling and take care of their psychological health.

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