Music Heals

Music Heals

Music is a part of human life, when we are in a good or bad mood, we usually listen to music. When we are sad and are feeling alone, if we listen to good music it rejuvenates our mind makes us happy. When we pray, we use music to connect ourselves with God. We sing songs in the praise of God and experience peace and happiness.

In recent times, there has been various studies undertaken on the effects of music which reveal that music has positive effects on both mind and body, depending on the kind of music we choose to listen. Let us look at some of the benefits of listening to music.

  1. Music is proven to increase and boost memory, as well as reduce pain in the physical level.
  2. If we listen to the right kind of music it helps us get rid of unpleasant feelings.
  3. Music helps in reducing the stress levels.
  4. Music of any kind has its effect on Blood pressure and pulse rate, depending on the kind of music we are listening to.
  5. Music helps in improving movements of the body and its coordination.
  6. Music helps in increasing positive and inspiring feelings.
  7. In work place listening to music increases productivity.
  8. Listening to music helps develop and improve the inner immune system.
  9. Listening to music helps in reducing tension in the muscle areas and improves coordination in the body.
  10. Music is also proven to have its effect on the breathing pattern or respiration.

These are few benefits of the music. Listening to fast music motivates and changes our mood for the time being, but listening to it on a regular basis and on a long run is harmful to the body and mind, where as listening to soothing and calm music is beneficial in countless ways. So, make a right choice and reap the benefits.

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