Top 15 Aspects that are Usually Considered for Job Evaluation

Top 15 Aspects that are Usually Considered for Job Evaluation
July 28, 2020 By Rekha Nair career

When an organization considers some persons for promoting or giving them a hike in pay or want to assign them with more responsibilities, there are some aspects which the organization usually considers on the basis on which they evaluate the performance of each individual.

Any individual who is able to meet these requirements will be able to climb the career ladder faster and will scale greater heights. So, if you are one among those people who aspire to make a great career, check out these points and try to develop them.

  1. Do you know your job well, your responsibilities and duties at work and are you doing them with commitment and dedication?
  2. Are you well aware of what is the progress of the work? Are you aware of the concerned things and files placed? And are you able to give a report on it, immediately, when you are asked something about it.
  3. Are you able to prioritize the work and work accordingly? Are you able to keep in mind deadlines, plan your work accordingly and move ahead?
  4. You have started working on a new project or you are given a new responsibility, how quickly are you able to grasp things and are able to give the desired output, is a very important aspect that will be considered in your performance evaluation.
  5. Do you spend most of the time at work place doing personal work such as making calls checking personal mails or chatting with friends?
  6. Do you use office things (vehicle, resources or even stationary) for your personal use?
  7. Do you limit yourself only to your work or you contribute towards team?
  8. What kind of behavior you have with your peers and seniors? Are you friendly and have good relations with the whole team?
  9. Do you do qualitative work and are able to meet deadlines?
  10. When a challenge arises in work place or in your job, how you handle it and what kind of attitude you show in that aspect?
  11. How systematic and efficient are you in your work?
  12. Do you follow organizational guide lines and rules?
  13. Are you a well organized person? Do you see that your work place is organized and everything is in place?
  14. Do you keep things in your work place clean, and do you keep the work area neat and clean or make a mess of it?
  15. Do you respect time? Are punctual and report on time when coming to office and after returning from break?

These are the basic things that are usually considered while evaluating your performance at work. So, make sure that you meet these, if you want to see an increase in your pay cheque.

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