Bhagavad Gita

Shrimad Bhagavad Gita: Arjuna Vishada Yogam: Chapter 1: Verse 3

duryodhana-drona BG 1.3

Have a Balanced Mind Especially in Difficult Times…

पश्यैतां पाण्डुपुत्राणामाचार्य महतीं चमूम् ।
व्यूढां द्रुपदपुत्रेण तव शिष्येण धीमता ।। 1.3।।

paśhyaitāṁ pāṇḍu-putrāṇām āchārya mahatīṁ chamūm
vyūḍhāṁ drupada-putreṇa tava śhiṣhyeṇa dhīmatā

Shloka Translation
BG 1.3: Duryodhana said: Respected Teacher! Look at the great army of Pandu’s sons, expertly equipped for combat by your gifted disciple, Drupad’s son.

Dronacharya was asked by Duryodhana to examine the Pandava army’s finely organized military phalanx, led by their commander-in-chief Dhristadyumna, King Dhrupad’s son. He was also a student of Dronacharya. Duryodhana was discreetly reminding his teacher that Dhristadyumna, although being his disciple, was his adversary’s son who had been born with a boon to kill him. Here, he tries to influence Guru’s mind about him.

Verse & What We Can Learn?

In the world relationships can change at any time, one who is a friend can become an enemy and an enemy can become a friend.
Psychological balance and stability are very important in difficult times.
People will always try to influence our thinking for their benefit, but we should have our wisdom and should be able to take the right decision.

In the next verses, we will see how Duryodhana speaks to Dronacharya pointing out each of the great warriors on Pandavas side.

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