Top 10 Tips to Stay Mentally Healthy

Everyone is aware about their physical health and its significance, but there are very few people who give importance to mental health. Being healthy mentally is even more important than physical health. Even if your body is totally healthy and active, if you are not mentally active and fit, there is no use and you […]

Primary Reasons and Preventive Measures for Kidney Disease

Recent studies suggests that there are many people worldwide, who suffer from kidney disease. And, the ever increasing statistics remind us that we need to educate ourselves and take precautions to avoid the disease. Let us look at some of the top most reasons that lead to kidney disease. People who consume more salt, beverages […]

Top 12 Health Tips for Rainy Season

As there are several do’s and don’ts for any season, there are also some health precautions that you should keep in mind during rainy season. In rainy season, our body under goes some changes like lower immunity, poor digestive power and decrease in body strength. So, as far as possible, one should avoid intake of […]

10 Tips to Protect Kids from the Heat Wave While Travelling in summer

Summer is a season kids enjoy the most because, summer means vacation, travelling, holidays and fun. It is a period; we plan to take our children out during summer either on a holiday or to some of the relatives or friends place. But when children are exposed to heat during long hours of travelling, we […]

Sun Stroke / Heat Wave – Its Affects – Some preventive Measures

Global warming is followed by rise in the temperatures during summer at an alarming rate each year. When temperatures are constantly at 40 degree Celsius and above, for a number of days or weeks, it is called, heat wave. As per studies reports, there is an increase in the number of the people, who are […]

Top Benefits of Green Tea

In the past few years, more number of people have realized the health benefits of green tea and started consuming green. It is quite amazing to know what green tea can do to make ones health better. Let us look at the health benefits of consuming green tea on a regular basis. Green tea burns […]

Top 10 Tips to Reduce Stress

Many of us think that we are aware about stress, but the fact is, what all we know are myths about stress. But, it really is necessary for us to clear these myths. Yes, because knowing the myths associated with stress helps us to deal with it in a beneficial and positive way and helps […]

Music Heals

Music is a part of human life, when we are in a good or bad mood, we usually listen to music. When we are sad and are feeling alone, if we listen to good music it rejuvenates our mind makes us happy. When we pray, we use music to connect ourselves with God. We sing […]

Working Women and Fitness

Perhaps, there is no other role that is more challenging than to be a working women, who manages family, children, husband and in-laws. This is, of course, not an ordinary task, getting lost in the responsibilities at work and also at home. These women hardly find time to take care of themselves and or their […]

Laugh For a Healthy and Prolonged Life

With time, most of us have forgotten to laugh. Earlier, people used to spend time together with their family, they used to sit, talk and share lighter moments. People felt so relieved and close to each other, they developed stronger bonds with each other. But today, we hardly find time to sit together and share […]

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