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Shrimad Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 10: Vibhuti Yogam Verses 8

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Those Who Understand That Divine Is The Source Of All Worship Him With Complete Faith And Love

अहं सर्वस्य प्रभवो मत्त: सर्वं प्रवर्तते |
इति मत्वा भजन्ते मां बुधा भावसमन्विता: || 10.8||

ahaṁ sarvasya prabhavo mattaḥ sarvaṁ pravartate

iti matvā bhajante māṁ budhā bhāva-samanvitāḥ|| 10.8||

Shloka Translation
BG – Ch. 10- Ver. 8:

I am the beginning of all things. Everything starts with Me. The wise, who have perfect knowledge of this, worship Me with deep faith and devotion.


I am the Supreme Ultimate Truth and the cause of all causes, I make the ones I love immensely mighty; I make them men or women. The wise who grasp this fact build a strong faith and worship him with passionate adoration.

As a result, Shree Krishna is the Supreme Lord of all creations, both physical and spiritual. He resides in the (causal) ocean’s divine water and generates innumerable material universes through his pores.

Then he spreads to take up residence at the very bottom of each universe. Brahma is born from Garbhodakshayi Vishnu. He directs the process of creation, which includes the production of the universe’s numerous gross and subtle elements, natural laws, galaxies and planetary systems, and the kinds of life that inhabit them, among other things. As a result, Brahma is frequently referred to as the universe’s creator.

Garbhodakashayi Vishnu extends further as Kshirodakshayi Vishnu, residing at the top of each cosmos in a region known as Kshira Sagar. Tṛitīya Puruṣh is another name for Kshirodakshayi Vishnu . He not only sits at the apex of the universe, but he also resides in the hearts of all living beings in the universe as the Supreme soul, keeping track of their karmas, keeping an account, and delivering the results at the appropriate moment. As a result, he is renowned as the universe’s keeper.

All three manifestations of Lord Vishnu listed above are identical to Shree Krishna. As a result, Shree Krishna declares in this verse that he is the source of all spiritual and material creation.

Verse & what we can learn

Ishvara is the cause of all things, and everything originates from him. Those who have practiced this yoga for a long time are wise. They solely worship or meditate on Ishvara, oblivious to life’s ups and downs.

Anyone who understands Ishvara as the source of all things will adopt a highly positive outlook on life. Failures will be viewed as opportunities for growth rather than depressive causes. He’ll never ask why something awful happened to him because he knows it’s because of his previous acts.

A person who has gained such a perspective on life will always worship Ishvara. Only if he forgets that Ishvara is the source of everything will he be sad. When one realizes that Ishvara is the ultimate aim as well as the cause of everything, they become completely immersed in Ishvara.

To acquire knowledge and to implement that knowledge in life one needs to be mentally and physically active and healthy and for that daily meditation is a great tool.

There are various types of meditation like Buddhist meditation, heartfulness meditation, mindfulness meditation, meditation for stress, and each meditation benefits are countless. There is also numerous meditation techniques for beginners which help in practicing daily meditation so go ahead and start your journey towards a peaceful and balanced life.

In the next Shloka Shri Krishan tells Arjuna about that person who recognizes Divine as everything and immerses himself in Him totally.

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