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Shrimad Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 10: Vibhuti Yogam Verses 14

Bhagavad Gita - krishna --bhagavad gita dhyana shloka

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The World Of Names And Forms Is Created, Sustained, And Dissolved By Ishvara

सर्वमेतदृतं मन्ये यन्मां वदसि केशव |
न हि ते भगवन्व्यक्तिं विदुर्देवा न दानवा: || 10.14||

sarvam etad ṛitaṁ manye yan māṁ vadasi keśhava
na hi te bhagavan vyaktiṁ vidur devā na dānavāḥ|| 10.14||

Shloka Translation
BG – Ch. 10- Ver. 14:

I acknowledge that all you’re saying to me, O Keshava, is truth. Because, O Lord, neither the gods nor the devils are aware of your manifestation.


Arjun’s yearning for hearing more has intensified as he listens intently to Shree Krishna’s glorious splendour and boundless dominance in short. He wants Shree Krishna to express his glories in greater detail, and he wants to reassure the Lord that he is completely convinced.

Arjuna is implying that he believes what Shree Krishna has stated to him from the seventh to the ninth chapters. He claims that whatever Shree Krishna said is true and not a figurative representation. Bhagavan, or the Supreme Lord, is how he calls Shree Krishna.

 Verse & what we can learn

Because Ishvara is the source of all things, Arjuna claims that no deity, or human, can claim to fully comprehend Ishvara because Ishvara came before them all. This remark might also be interpreted to mean that no sense organ, such as the eye or ear, can claim to know Ishvara. Unlike worldly knowledge of objects, Ishvara’s knowledge can only be understood as a subject.  Anyone who gets to know you transforms into you. When one merges with Ishvara, all feeling of individuality, the sense of I, the subject, vanishes.

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if no deity, human or demon can know Ishvara, who can? Arjuna gives the answer in the next shloka.

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