Teasing Does Effect the Child’s Health

Teasing Does Effect the Child’s Health

To tease others and to get teased is common with children and it is funny and light as long as it is in limits. But, when it crosses boarders and becomes excess, it needs to be taken care of. Recent research shows that teasing has a severe effect on children’s health in long term. A child who gets teased for a long term has to face health problems in long term. The longer he is teased, the longer the health problems will be. Let us look at the effects of teasing.

  1. Those children who had to face severe teasing find it difficult to indulge in physical activities.
  2. The child who is teased frequently becomes depressed and his confidence levels decrease.
  3. There will be a decrease in the physical and mental health of the child who under goes teasing.
  4. Those children who are never teased have better health.
  5. If children undergoes teasing at some point of time and are now free from it then it is ok. But if it is a continuous process, then it has severe effects on the child’s mental as well as physical health.

So, if it comes to your notice that your child is teasing others or that he is getting teased by someone else, it’s time to take action. The earlier you stop it, the better it will be for the child. So, never make the mistake of ignoring this aspect in your child life.

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