What Leads You Towards Failure

What Leads You Towards Failure
July 8, 2020 By Rekha Nair Life

Failure is something which we would not want to talk about, but if you are on a journey and someone who has already travelled that path informs that you have such and such issues in that path don’t go that way. We will definitely not take that path. Likewise, if we know the causes of failure, we would definitely make cross check and see that we avoid those.

So, let us look at some of the key points that lead us towards failure and we need to be cautious of.

  1. Unhealthy habits, psychological or physical, wrong or negative thinking patterns lead to ill health.
  2. Lack of focus and lack of direction in life or any specific aim or purpose in life results in achieving nothing ultimately resulting in failure.
  3. Lack of self control and lack of courage. In spite a person has all the traits to succeed but lacks self-control, he is doomed to failure. Likewise, if a person lacks courage to withstand life’s ups and downs, he will be nowhere.
  4. When a person dreams big and does nothing to achieve them, he surely ends up in failure. It is important to dream, but, it is even more important to act and start working towards those dreams.
  5. The company we are surrounded with shows us what we are, if you always surround yourself with people who are negative and discourage you and fill you up with negative attitude towards life, you experience nothing but failure.
  6. Lack of enthusiasm and self confidence are the things that can lead one to failure.
  7.  Lack of clarity of thought and decision making are also one of the main reasons that drag one towards failure.
  8. The habit of postponing things to do, if you have to do something, no matter what comes the way you have to do it. So, I will do it later on or tomorrow is a kind of attitude that leads towards failure.
  9. Other main traits that lead to failure are lack of honesty, lack of tolerance and lack of tactfulness.
  10. Fear is one of the main causes of failure; many people just don’t do anything because they fear failure. But, unfortunately, the fact that they are not aware is that not doing anything is the same thing that makes them a failure.

So, have vision and clarity of dreams and goals, but keep courage to pursue them and don’t give up till you see success.

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