Top 10 Ways to be a Pleasing Person

Top 10 Ways to be a Pleasing Person
July 30, 2020 By Rekha Nair Life

In our day to day interaction with people around us, we find that there are some people who are very pleasing and attract lot of people because of their unique quality. This is what everyone wants to be to be liked by everyone and to get the attention. But, how to become so? Is the question. Well, let us start looking at the answers.

  1. Body language plays a very important role, the way you carry yourself, shake hands, your gestures, eye contact everything matters.
  2. The kind of clothes you put on your choices also make a difference in making you a pleasing person.
  3. Pleasing persons are always soft spoken and are firm when voicing their opinion.
  4. Pleasing persons know very well as to what they are speaking and exercise good control over the choice of words.
  5. Pleasing persons are calm and poised even when situations turn out to be hot.
  6. Pleasing persons are not self-centered and they bother about the growth and progress of others.
  7. Pleasing people make it a habit to smile always and their facial expressions are pleasing and encouraging.
  8. Pleasing people are the ones with great enthusiasm. They are never dull or inactive.
  9. Pleasing people are the ones with great inner strength and possess qualities like honesty.
  10. Pleasing people have charm that draws people towards them.

So, if you are up to becoming one like them and enjoy all the attention, fill yourself with all these qualities.

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