Pros and cons of Social Media Platforms

Pros and cons of Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms like facebook, whtsapp, instagram, twitter etc have become a part of our social life and the majority of the people around the world are accessing them. Many people use and maintain even multiple social networking sites.  But the sad fact is that people are only aware of the benefits, but, there is also the other side, which people are unaware. Let us learn what recent research says about the negative effects of social media.

  1. There has been a shift in the behavioral pattern of the people using social networking sites from the positivity to the negativity.
  2. People who log on to social networking sites many times a day are more prone to addiction and are likely to suffer from anxiety.
  3. High level of negative feelings is generated among the people who are using social networking sites.
  4. Comparison with others in the networking sites is one of the reasons for people suffering with depression and also results in developing ill feelings about themselves.
  5. Opinions of other people, number of likes one gets, all these are having severe effect on a person’s emotions.

This is one side of the coin; let us look at the some of the benefits of using the social media.

  1. If a person gets more appreciation or positive feedback from the social networking sites, it gives him a boost and he is likely to perform even better.
  2. If more number of persons share good things, the person is likely to be more happy and positive.
  3. Talking to friends and sharing with them your thoughts makes you socially active and keeps you away from negative feelings such as loneliness and depression.
  4. We may be feeling emotionally low and negative, but, if we go through other’s updates and go through what they share. We may find something that will shift our thinking to positive side or make us feel light-hearted.
  5. Active social media life makes us feel more secured and boosts our confidence.

However, as social media platforms have become inevitable in our life; it would be wise on our part to focus on the positives factors rather on negative ones.

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