Last Moments are Eye Openers

Last Moments are Eye Openers

If we were to ask this question to various people, everyone would give a different answer. Some may say Parents, life partner, friends, lover, everyone has his own answer. But the fact is quiet different, a small tremor in the earth and we run out leaving everything and everyone we love. Any natural calamity or any disaster acts as an eye opener to us, if we take it in the right sense.

Lifelong, we do so much of hard work and give all our time to accumulate things that we think are very important to us, but when the moment of test comes we give priority to our life first, than anything else. What does this reveal? It actually reveals the reality of our own selves, the fact that we love our life than anything or anyone.

It is only in the last moment that we open our eyes to the reality of life. When we are in the death bed or facing a sudden unexpected event, we think maybe, I should have led my life like this, maybe I should have done this, or I should not have done that. This is the reality of life that we ignore when everything is all right and as per routine.

The things and the matters that we think are the priorities of life, look so silly and stupid when we are in the last moment. Then, the realization comes to us that we have wasted our life in useless pursuits, ignoring the very thing, which is important for us. There may be a list of only a few people who might have opened to their eyes to this fact, when alive. These are the people who stick to truth and lead their life in a principled way.   

So, apart from accumulating things, developing relationships and leading a comfortable life, if we spare some time to ourselves daily, just to contemplate, what is important for us, and what are our priorities, then maybe we don’t have to regret. If we learn to treat every moment as the last one, then it will become easy for us to lead a life and to accept death without any regrets or ill feelings.

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