Environmental Safety Concern…Need of the Hour

Environmental Safety Concern, Need of the Hour

People worldwide are shocked to witness increase in the incidents of natural calamities and unpredictable weather. Each year, during summer the temperatures registers high rise as compared to the previous years, similarly during winters, temperatures are too low. Also, there is no sight of rain, when there should be rain, and farmer’s life has become quite pitiable.

This is due to our ignorance and negligence with respect to the environment. There are incidence where people are taking away loads of sand with or without the permission of the government, and no one questions them. Trees are being cut each and every minute and no one bothers to plant the new ones in their place.

In the name of development and to boost tourism, construction activities are taken up on hills, near the rivers and restricted areas and no one is bothered on its impact on the surroundings and the environment and what could be its future consequences. However, these result in natural calamities, disasters and imbalances in the nature and in turn show their effect on the weather too.

With decreasing in water resources, increase in air pollution and damage done to the ozone layer, it is really a wonder, what else is left. Hence, there is an urgent need to increase environmental awareness among the people. There is also a great need to educate the people and even the officials, who are not focusing on this very important aspect.

People and officials need to be made aware of its consequences, as due to their negligence and selfishness, great damage is being done to the nature and which in turn is going to affect our lives and the future generations.

So, it is the responsibility of each and every individual to develop some environmental sense and is also required to contribute towards protecting and nurturing our environment. This is for universal goodness, as we can have clean air to breathe, water to drink and a place to live a beautiful life.

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