Does Preaching alone make a difference…

Does Preaching alone make a difference…
July 25, 2020 By Rekha Nair Life

People know that they are doing something that they should not be doing. If we take the example from epics Ravana was a great scholar and possessed great knowledge, but, what did he do with himself after acquiring the knowledge? One act of temptation ruined him and his entire kingdom.

Even today, we have so many resources to teach us what is good and what is bad. We have books written by scholars, we have mentors and we have religious persons and preachers who show the path of righteousness. In spite, we have knowledge on what is right and wrong, but, we lack implementation.

Everyone in the world follows a religion or a path of truth that helps to teach him how to mould his life for betterment. Most of us in the world are blessed with parents, who educated us about the righteousness path. Everyone goes to school and educates himself so that he transforms himself into a better human.

Then, why do we ignore it. If we follow anyone who guides us or even follows one aspect of what we have learnt from our elders or gurus or from teachers our lives would have been different. If we cannot put our knowledge into practice, there is no use of accumulating knowledge.

If there would be half the number of practitioners, who follow on what is right, than the preachers of truth, our world would not have been like this. We have enough resources to show us the way and enough people to guide us. But, what we need is courage to implement what we have learnt. If every one of us pulls up the courage to practice instead of preaching alone, this world would be changed. So, need of the hour is practiticing than preaching.  

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