Develop Patience in You

Develop Patience in You

Perhaps, this is the only thing that we humans of today badly lack and mostly need. Yes, we all have this tendency of being impatient and we also know the value and the place that patience holds in our life. But most of us fail to exhibit it, when the moment arrives; maybe we are not to be blamed for it, as our lifestyle itself has become so. 

We are used to fast food, fast life and all things are usually done instantly, right from the bed coffee we have in the morning. Our life has become so different from that of our parents. Unlike them, we don’t have to stand in queues for ration, for train tickets or even for tickets for a movie.  Now-a-days, we have everything at our finger tips and we are used to lead a comfortable life, where there is no place for patience.

In comparison to today’s generation, the people of the older generation were very patient in every area of life. And they exhibited not just patience but exemplary patience; we can’t even imagine exhibiting their level of patience. But, we can definitely make an effort to increase our patience levels. But, first let us know what patience means. Patience comes from a Latin word ‘Pati’ which means to suffer, to bear, and to endure.

But the question arises do we really need patience even today, when there is no need for it. No we are wrong, no matter how much technological progress we make and how many innovations we make, we need to have patience. To progress and to achieve the ladder of success, we need to have patience. To learn, we need patience; to grow in life, we need patience; in our dealings with people, we need patience and we need patience in each and every aspect of our life.

So, once we are sure that we need patience, now let us look at some the ways we can adopt and develop it.

  1. Stop rushing, we have a tendency to rush to do anything and everything, make a slow pace and don’t try to overtake other people not only while driving, but where ever such necessity arises.
  2. Take a decision that you will be patient this moment and this day. In this way, it will be easy for you to adopt patience.
  3. To develop patience, first learn to listen to others, then, think what you have to say and then speak or express your point of view.
  4. Learn to empathize, when you start thinking about the other person and his point of view, it will become easy for you to be patient, so first learn to empathize.

Patience is a must have virtue, without which our life would be a big disaster. This applies to all generations of human beings, no matter how much progress we make. So, let us bring back our lost virtues into our life and bring back our life into the right track again.

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