Are you addicted to facebook

Are you addicted to facebook

Today, people worldwide are widely on facebook to have an active social life. Though, It has many advantages associated with it, there are drawbacks that most of us need to be aware of. Let us have look at them.

  1. It has a severe effect on the family and personal life. Instead of devoting time with family members and in some other useful activity, people are stuck with it. They don’t interact with anyone, no physical activity, nothing. Especially, the teenagers and the youngsters are the one that need to have a reality check.
  2. Communication skills and social skills are deteriorating, because, most of the time people are away from real world either caught up in the mails or on the face book. They hardly feel the necessity to interact with people in the family and in their surroundings.
  3. There are so many hackers who can gain access to your account and can make the changes they want in your profile. One can quote hundreds of examples, where people have noticed changes in their profiles.
  4. Another shocking development regarding the face book is that, hackers have developed sites similar to face book. Because people cannot distinguish between the site that looks exactly like face book.
  5. Your face book profile holds the capability to ruin your career or professional growth. In most cases, employers look for the applicants’ social networking website’s profile. And anything that makes them think and you have a reason to worry.
  6. Women, especially, need to be careful, while using facebook. There have been many instances where women have been harassed and exploited by using their information and photos on the face book.
  7. Voicing your opinion on the face book without thinking the pros and cons, posting personal images and status updates, may have serious effect on your personal and professional life. So, you need to be extremely cautious about what you say and post.
  8. The face book content of an individual can be used in legal matters. It can, with no second thoughts, access to A to Z of all your activities on the face book.
  9. Fake profile is one of the main threats of face book.
  10. Face book is addictive and people spend their valuable time on face book instead of using that time in some other useful activity or for self development.  

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