Are u being manipulated…here are ways You detect and handle such people…

Are u being manipulated…here are ways You detect and handle such people…
July 7, 2020 By Rekha Nair Life

Manipulation is basically, emotional exploitation of the other person, with intentions take control of other person, to seize his powers and to benefit from him or her at his or her expense. This is certainly not the right thing to happen to anyone. But today, we find more of such people, whose intentions are only to make use of the other person for the selfish gains.

If there is definitely something we can do about this, it is to gain knowledge about such a person, about his or her characteristics and to protect ourselves and our loved ones from such a person. Let us have a look at those characteristics.

Majority of the manipulative people have the common characteristics.

  1. These people very well know the ways to find out other person’s weaknesses.
  2. After they detect your weakness they use it against you to weaken you and to strengthen themselves.
  3. They make the other person sacrifice his own personal preferences and interests, and make him work for their benefit.
  4. Once they gain success in manipulating the other person, then they never stop exploiting them until and unless the other person becomes aware of this and decides to put a full stop.

Once you detect such a person, you can take certain measures to protect yourself from them, let us have a look at them.

  1. The first and the foremost is to remember your basic rights as human. As long as, one does not harm others he has every right to protect himself and his basic rights. You are in charge if your life not the other person, remember this.
  2. Manipulative people act differently with every person and in every situation. They show extremes in behavior, being polite with one and rude to other and much such behavioral opposition. So, as far as possible avoid them, if it is not possible, in such cases maintain a distance.
  3. Manipulative people’s main intention is to make you feel low so that you can surrender to them and do whatever they say. In such a situation, see if the relationship is one sided or give and take. If it is not from both sides and you are the one to change yourself and surrender yourself every time, its time for reality check.
  4. Don’t just agree to whatever the person says, if you think something is wrong question back and allow them to introspect.
  5. Manipulative people always insist on instantly giving your opinion or decision and will not give you time to think. In such cases, pass away the situation by telling them that you will think about it.

These are just some of the techniques that you can use to protect yourself and safeguard your interests from manipulative people. So, go ahead and stand up for your rights and live your life.

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