10 Best Ways to Live a Good Life

10 Best Ways to Live a Good Life
May 9, 2020 By Gouri Achary Life

Every human born on this earth wants to live a full and complete life, he wants to be happy and at peace. But rarely there are few people who live a life like that. Most of the time most of the people experience grief and pain, we think other people and circumstances are responsible for our fate and our life. We find it easy to give up our life’s reins to someone else and accept life as it is. But we find it hard to take life our own life into our own hands and hold it the way we want it.

The day, we start taking this responsibility of our self on our self our life will take a turn for betterment. Let us study some of the ways that will help us lead a full and complete life.

  1. Life is a present to those learn to live in the ‘Present’. Because the two things past and future are out of your hands and it is only in the present that you can lead a happy and peaceful life and give shape to a better tomorrow if it exists.
  2. Accepting life as it is, the people, circumstances everything about your life. This does not mean that you should not try t change for better, accept the present as it is and then instead of resisting and regretting try to correct yourself and change yourself.
  3. No human in this world is perfect everyone has a weakness and a strength. So stop blaming yourself and accept yourself as you are with all your plus and minus points and then try to overcome them and correct them.
  4. Don’t confine yourself to the routine road try and explore unknown ways and be sportive and adventurous. Stop living and thinking like a programmed machine, doing the same things, living life the same way.
  5. Most of the people spend life criticizing others and blaming others for each and every thing. But when the same people leave or depart from them they realize, may be they were not that bad maybe I should have behaved better with them, shown love to them. So, lead life with this understanding each and every moment.
  6. Find out the prime reason or purpose of life because that is what makes your life, life in a real sense.
  7. Many people fail in life because they cannot strike a balance in life, balancing of emotions, exercising self control and will. All these things help you in leading a balanced life which in turn leads to a full life.
  8. Practice giving and sharing. Sharing your skills and knowledge giving your time, or services or money to someone in need.
  9. Focus your energies on the positive aspects of life. Think, read, hear and do good positive and good things.
  10. Whole of the life we spend listening to others, make it a habit to listen to the whispers of your heart and soul and try to follow them, only then your life will be ‘full’ and complete.

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