The Rules Of Taking Care Of Dry Skin

Woman facing issues with dry skin

Having dry skin could lead you to sadness because think about it yourself – you wake up to see that your skin looks super dry and super dull. You have to go to school or work and then you’re about to go to a party in the evening but how? Your dry skin becomes a huge obstacle between you and your happiness. It has to stop! And guess what? YOU can stop it if you just follow some easy peasy rules.

Getting rid of dry skin can be a little frustrating. Many people have this misconception that if they keep applying moisturizers to their skin, they can get it moisturized and get rid of the dry skin thing. But unfortunately, that’s not it. You have to do a lot more than just that to get rid of it and then you will actually succeed. So basically, no! It’s not that easy. But YES, it is possible and if you’re willing to do it, it will definitely become easy. So let’s head to the rules now, shall we?

1.  Use Micellar Water

Being gentle with your skin is the primary thing that you must do at any cost. I know that dry skin can cause irritation and you might feel like getting all the dryness off of it but that’s not how it works. You can’t even use harsh products on your skin, especially the ones that are not designed for your skin type. The best product to use here would be micellar water. It is actually a skincare product made up of purified water and have cleansing compounds in it. Plus, it has oil molecules that remove all the dirt and makeup away from your skin and give it moisture. You can use it to hydrate and soothe out your skin. All you have to do is to get a small cotton pad and wipe your face with micellar water using it.

2.  Use Warm Water On Your Skin

Sometimes, mostly in winter, you don’t just want to wash your face with cool water so you go with a hot one. Now, this is where you make the mistake. The facial skin is very sensitive and you can actually get it damaged if you keep on doing this. Stop it and use warm or lukewarm water instead. This will make sure that the essential oils on your face stay intact and don’t get off. Ultimately, your skin will still stay hydrated and everything will be fine between you and your happiness.

3.  Moisturize Your Damp Skin

Mostly, people get out of the shower and then wipe themselves off with a towel. This does nothing but removes all the dampness of your skin which is necessary for skin hydration. So make sure that you don’t make the same mistake. When you get out of the shower, make sure that your skin is damp. Then take some of the moisturizers in your hand and apply them to your skin. It is the best time to apply moisturizers.

4.  Moisturizers + Oils = Perfect

Are you stuck in choosing from moisturizers and oils to hydrate your skin with? There’s no need to be confused at all because you can use both and it’s a better option for people with dry skin. Get a few drops of facial oil and massage them onto your skin. Make sure that you cover the whole area like from nose to ears, the whole forehead, the neck area, etc. After that, simply apply some moisturizer over the applied oils, and voila! You’re done!

5.  Use Moisturizers 2 Times A Day

You can guess which two times I’m talking about, right? Yep, in the morning and before going to sleep. Make sure that you make a routine out of it because the results you will see every morning and every night will be cherishable. You won’t be able to resist the happiness that you will feel because of this. When you get up, just take a dab of a good moisturizer or lotion and apply it to your skin. Your whole day will pass like heaven. And when you apply it at night, you will feel like heaven in the morning the moment you get up.

6.  Save Your Skin From The Sun

The UV rays from the sun are horrible, seriously. You wouldn’t want them to affect you or else you might experience issues like hyperpigmentation, unnecessarily dried skin, and death of skin cells. First, you need to try to not get sun exposure at all or get the least of it. But still, that isn’t enough. You either have to travel in a car or have an umbrella with you to block the sun. However, it still isn’t completely possible that you stay out of it so to make sure that you stay safe in the sun, get a sunscreen of SPF 30 or more. SPF is actually the Sun Protection Factor and the sunscreen of SPF 30 or more will make sure that your skin stays safe even under exposure to the sun.

7.  Use Moisturizing Soaps Instead Of Anti-Bacterial Ones

The ordinary soaps that we usually use for washing our hands or bodies can be a reason for dry skin too  Or at least, it doesn’t help moisturize the skin at all. So if you’re using them, they aren’t of any use. Limit them only to your hands and get a moisturizing soap for your face and body. The best purchase of a moisturizing soap would be the one with the right type of packaging. Gravity feed box is the one that is usually used by high-grade soap companies to pack their soaps. They receive these boxes in wholesale at amazing prices from Dawn Printing.

So before you buy the soap, make sure that the gravity feed box is of good quality and looks attractive. This is how you identify if the soap is a good buy or not. Your skin will always feel smooth and moisturized after the usage of this.

8.  You Can Fake A Moisturized And Glowing Skin With Makeup

Yep, makeup is the last resort when there’s nothing left for you to try. Basically, what makeup does is hide your apparent imperfections and boost your beauty to the extent you want. In this case, the imperfection is the dry skin. For that, you can use a base and then a foundation of your skin shade over it. This will even up your skin tone and give it a shiny and moisturized look. Of course, you can always customize the whole look since you have makeup products right in front of you. However, make sure that you don’t make this a priority. Makeup isn’t something that you should be using all the time if you always wear heavy makeup, especially when it’s the dry skin you’re dealing with. And yes, always buy makeup that is suitable for your skin. This is important!


Dry skin can be a depressing thing to have but don’t worry since you have many ways to take care of it. I’ve mentioned 8 impressive and proven ways you can get rid of dry skin. It actually is a skincare routine, except for the 8th point. So don’t get tired of it just because you didn’t get the desired results after only one day. It will take some time but the results will definitely be spectacular. Start when you’re ready and once you’ve started, don’t stop. You’ll keep loving your skin every day, a lot less than the day after and a lot more than the day before.

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