Myths Associated with Stress

Top 10 Tips to Reduce Stress

Many of us think that we are aware about stress, but the fact is, what all we know are myths about stress. But, it really is necessary for us to clear these myths. Yes, because knowing the myths associated with stress helps us to deal with it in a beneficial and positive way and helps us to lead a happy and disease free life.

So, let us look at the some of the common myths associated with stress.

  1. It is a common myth among people that stress is unavoidable and you cannot do anything about it. But, with proper analysis and thinking it is possible to handle stress.
  2. As many people think, stress is not bad in each and every situation. For those people who know the ways of handle it, stress makes them productive. Like, a batsman in a cricket field, under stress, knows how to handle it and tries to score more runs than, what he does under normal conditions. So, it is a myth that stress is always and under all conditions awful.
  3. Many people think that stress reductions techniques are the same for everyone, but, it is a myth. A technique that has helped you to reduce your stress levels may be the cause of causing stress to other. So there are no universal techniques which all can follow, in fact, these techniques need to be tailored according to individual needs.
  4. Most of the people think that stress is same for everyone, but, it is not so, because each individuals response to stress is different.
  5. Many people live under the false impression, that, if they don’t find any physical symptoms associated with stress, they don’t have it. But, the truth is, only when stress exceeds its level, it express itself in the form of physical illness or disease.

So, cut off any myths and illusions about stress. Know the facts and realities and live a happy and peaceful life.

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