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Digital Detox

The year 1995 can be marked as a milestone in the history of India. India was introduced to the world of internet that year. Internet has played a pivotal role in the life of Indians ever since. In the last decade we witnessed dramatic changes in every aspects of life. Groceries and medicines for which we had to travel miles are now brought to our doorstep. Lengthy process of banking, endless queues to pay bills are all over. In short, we can control everything around us with our fingertips. A boon to mankind, or is it?

In the words of Theodore Levitt, “anything in excess is poison”. It is the same in this case too. The addiction to the digital world has caused drastic effect in the lifestyle of people. Emotional anxiety, depression, isolation, cyber bullying, verbal abuse…the list goes on. Entry of Covid 19 virus has worsened the scenario. As corporations around the world instituted work from home to their employees and school switched to online classes, we relied more on it. Children are forced to spend hours before the computer. Experts warn that excess screen time can cause impact on their brain developments. Studies prove that social distancing and self isolation at home have helped us in the fight against the pandemic, but it also caused an increase in the time we spent on social media. A survey in 2005 showed social media has negatively affected the mental health of 72% people. How can we stop it? No, we cannot. It is impossible to imagine a return to the non digital world.

The solution to this crisis is Digital Detox, a fancy word to compromise with the routine we follow. A Digital Detox can help us to refrain from the negative impacts of digital life to a certain extent. It can help us concentrate on other parts of life. A good sleep, precious moments with our loved ones, to be in one’s self, who can avoid these wonderful things in life. Not for long. Just take a few days from your life to step out of the digital world and enjoy the real world. It’s worth it. Who knows, what is in store for us in the future.

Surya Pillai


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