Recent Research on the Benefits of Music

Recent Research on the Benefits of Music

There has been several research carried out on music and its effect on the human body and brain. The more the number of research, the more, the number the benefits of music are revealed. Let us look at the outcome of the most recent studies carried out on music and its effects on humans.

  1. It has been found that if elderly people listen to music they can come out of depression and their self esteem will also increase in a significant manner.
  2. When people are tired and exhausted, listening to music will help people recharge and makes their mood better.
  3. Listening to music helps in reducing sensations of chronic pain.
  4. Music also helps in reducing pain caused after operation.
  5. Music therapy has proven to be very helpful in improving the quality of life of patients suffering from cancer, especially the adults by reducing their emotional distress.
  6. The stress and anxiety levels among the patients who undergo surgery is usually high. But, it has been found that if these patients listen to music that too using head phones, their stress and anxiety levels come down to normal.
  7. Among disabled and distressed children, music has proven to give them sense of security and bring order in their life.

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