IIMAF Power Karate Suggestions For A Better Life

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By Pariti  Gayathri, 

Present times are very challenging for each one of us, in their own unique way and to cope up with all the unexpected changes, we need to be strong and totally immune both at the physical level and mental level. Let us look at some of the important points that we need to consider.

1. Health and Safety: If you are healthy physically and mentally, you can achieve anything that you aspire to. We can take care of physical health by having nutritious food and mental health by having positive thoughts. We should be as vigilant and conscious about safety practices so as to avoid viruses of any kind that can affect our immune system.

2. There are no Absolutes: If we have a closer look at life nothing is complete or no one is. As it is said “change is the only thing that is constant in life” so whenever life throws a challenging situation in front of us, we have to bring out the best version of ourselves in any given situation and have to give it our best shot.

3. Controlling Impulsive Behaviour: In this period of lockdown everyone is spending most of their time at home doing the same things and stuck to a routine, it is but natural to sometimes lose control and behave impulsively. Doing breathing exercises, physical exercises, and meditation for some time as a daily practice will help reduce these things.

4. Always be vigilant and conscious: When someone knows that he has enemies and can be attacked at any time, he does not lead a life in an automotive mode. His behavior is always conscious and he is vigilant all the time equipped with the defensive mechanism. Likewise, to avoid the enemy of the virus, we have to be always vigilant and conscious no matter where we are and what we are doing, giving priority to safety practices and hygiene.

5. Staying in Touch with Friends: Friends play a very vital role in everyone’s life, good or bad, happy or sad, we always feel light at heart and happy when we are with our friends. In these times it is not possible and not safe also to go meet anyone. But, thanks to technology whenever we want to, we can see them and speak to them. So stay in touch and stay light.

6. Self Love & Self respect: In the scheme of nature everything has its own value, no two things or no two persons can ever be compared on any basis. A blade of grass has its own unique properties and uses, and so does a plant of rose or Jasmine, you cannot replace one with another each have their own role to play. Likewise, each human is unique, his purpose is unique, and his skills are unique. So, no matter what you are, how you are, you are the only one that is “you” on the planet of earth no one can replace you. So, love yourself and have respect for yourself because it is all that matters.

7. “Live” In Moment: “There is no past there is no future all that exists is present” this sounds very philosophical but it is true to the core of every word. Getting used to the fast-paced life, most of us have forgotten to live life at the moment and keep our heads and heart cool. We can only make plans about the future, but to speak the truth, no one has any guarantee that the future does exist. Especially in the present circumstances, we should learn to take a chill pill and try to remind ourselves that all that exists is here and now.

So, its time for each one of us to reboot, refresh, and carry on with the journey of life towards the light, in a light fashion.

Editor’s Note: We thank Sensei Shawn Shervan, Multi-Martial Arts, Self-Defense, and Fitness Coach; for valuable inputs to write the article.

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