Happiness is inside, you never find it outside

Top 5 Tips to Remain Un-effected and to be Peaceful

Happiness is the key to leading the good life. Everyone is looking for happiness and it has been the most valuable thing in life. Leading a life without it is just passing the days without self-realization. It is the most common question that everyone asks: Are you happy?

In life, happiness and sadness are the two sides of a single coin. You can live without these two things. If you would like to be happy, then you should few things. But, that is not the fact.

Being happy is the state of mind. You need nothing to be happy. Stay alone for long time, you will realize that things make you happy were just things. With the passage of time everything in your life will change. Everyone associate with you will change as their desires and goal changes. Change is everything and without change life will not exists in this world.

Have you ever thought how the life be without happiness & sadness. There is no meaning to life if you don’t have either or both. Without sadness in your life you can compare the happiness – just like the light and darkness. Lets assume light as happiness and dark as sadness. Lights will reduce the darkness, and absence of light the darkness prevails. Both are essential and without one of these, you can judge the order.

When you start finding happiness outside you will never get it. It is a state of mind, you can remain happy as long as you can. For that you don’t need the presence of others. But you need to very strong in terms of mental health. Meditation is the key to find happiness or Nirvana – attaining Supreme Soul.

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