Indian Cars Score Zero in Safety testing

Indian Cars Score Zero in Safety

While European cars score better, many Indian cars and among them, mostly small cars do not meet safety standards as per Global NCAP standards, a body that regularly crash tests cars in the Europe and UN Safety Standards. When it came to crash and safety tests, many Indian cars scored zero while the European cars scored better.

NCAP has taken the initiative to conduct crash tests on some of the India’s best selling cars. Ford Figo, Hyundai I 10, Volkswagen Polo, Tata Nano and Maruthi Suzuki Alto 800 were among them. Global NCAP test and the UN’S basic safety tests were conducted. Despite not having a driver air bag only Ford Figo passed the UN test.

Volkswagen has decided to upgrade all its cars with airbags, and has taken a decision to remove cars without air bags, from the Indian market. In the words of NCAP “it was awarded a pass based on dummy readings from the 64kph crash”. For cars that are produced in India rear passenger seat belts and air bags were optional, and more than this one more serious issue that is of concern is that, none of the cars were required to be tested for their ability to withstand a collision.

Tests also reveal that, Indian cars lack adequate safety standards and more than that Indian roads are among some of the deadliest roads in the world. Statistics suggest that one in 10 people get killed in a road accident worldwide is an Indian. Well, these are a few among the many challenges that Indian cars are facing in today’s time and there is a long way that we need to travel to meet the safety standards.

So, while purchasing cars make sure that you check the safety standards and then take a decision to choose the right one.

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