Teasing Does Effect the Child’s Health

To tease others and to get teased is common with children and it is funny and light as long as it is in limits. But, when it crosses boarders and becomes excess, it needs to be taken care of. Recent research shows that teasing has a severe effect on children’s health in long term. A […]

Know If Your Teen needs Help…

Many parents find it difficult to handle teenagers. This is the time, when they go through hormonal changes; their emotional life is never balanced. They are exposed to new things in life and as they do not have experience and knowledge of the world, there are great chances that they choose the wrong path.          […]

Realize Self-Worth; Value People And Things You Associate With…

For some unknown reasons, we humans don’t always realize the value of other persons, things, or for that matter anything, until, we lose them. Though we know that, we need to exercise daily, take balanced food and lead a healthy lifestyle, we don’t start following all those things unless we fall sick. When one fine […]

Steps To Develop Cordial Relations with Team Mates

When you are working as a team, in a work place and if your role is of a Team Leader, or a team member, you need to maintain good relationship with all the team mates. This is not only essential for your own individual growth but also for the development of the organization. Below discussed […]

Six Ways to End an Argument or a Fight

Any human born on this earth wants a peaceful and happy life. But in life we come across those situations when we just can’t hold it anymore, we tend to lose our cool and start an argument or a fight. Though, later on, we may repent for our behavior, but for most of us, it […]

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