Realize Self-Worth; Value People And Things You Associate With…

For some unknown reasons, we humans don’t always realize the value of other persons, things or for that matter anything, until, we lose them. Though we know that, we need to exercise daily, take balanced food and lead a healthy lifestyle, we don’t start following all those things, unless, we fall sick. When one fine […]

Top 10 Ways to be a Pleasing Person

In our day to day interaction with people around us, we find that there are some people who are very pleasing and attract lot of people because of their unique quality. This is what everyone wants to be to be liked by everyone and to get the attention. But, how to become so? Is the […]

Top 10 ways to boost Confidence in Children

Each and every parent tries to give their child the best education and the best of everything. But, the most important thing that each and every parent should strive to teach their children is to empower their child with the skills that they require to come up in life that is life skills. It is […]

Week Ends - Great Way to Recharge

Weekends we all wait for, having no office work, no deadlines and time to remain stree-free . Weekend is something that makes us tension free and allows to recharge us again for the routine ups and downs. The more time we spend relaxing, the better and happy we feel. This is one thing that makes […]

Does Preaching alone make a difference...

People know that they are doing something that they should not be doing. If we take the example from epics Ravana was a great scholar and possessed great knowledge, but, what did he do with himself after acquiring the knowledge? One act of temptation ruined him and his entire kingdom. Even today, we have so […]

Top 10 Tips to boost Confidence at Work

Confidence is something that we all need to develop and to move ahead on a progressive path in life. Many people have confidence, but, they fail to exhibit it which becomes a hurdle in their success. But, this is no big issue. By making some changes in the body language, modulation in the voice and […]

The Dalai Lama’s 18 Golden Rules on Living

Teaching’s of great people are always a source of inspiration for the mankind and if we show a little courage to follow them then life will be nothing less than bliss. The rules of living by The Dalai Lama are one of those precious teachings, let us have a look at them and pray to […]

10 Tips to Protect Kids from the Heat Wave While Travelling in summer

Summer is a season kids enjoy the most because, summer means vacation, travelling, holidays and fun. It is a period; we plan to take our children out during summer either on a holiday or to some of the relatives or friends place. But when children are exposed to heat during long hours of travelling, we […]

Sun Stroke / Heat Wave – Its Affects – Some preventive Measures

Global warming is followed by rise in the temperatures during summer at an alarming rate each year. When temperatures are constantly at 40 degree Celsius and above, for a number of days or weeks, it is called, heat wave. As per studies reports, there is an increase in the number of the people, who are […]

Top 10 Ways to Reduce Stress at Work

One of the major segment of people who undergoes stress each day, are the employees. They are expected to give more and qualitative output, within the deadline. As a result of this their stress levels increases and this in turn is leading to health related problems. While, there is nothing that we can actually do […]

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