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By Pariti  Gayathri,  Present times are very challenging for each one of us, in their own unique way and to cope up with all the unexpected changes, we need to be strong and totally immune both at the physical level and mental level. Let us look at some of the important points that we need […]

Top 5 Tips to Remain Un-effected and to be Peaceful

Top 5 Tips to Remain Un-effected and to be Peaceful In life, it is a common occurrence that many times we feel that, we just could let things go and stay calm. But, achieving this state of mind and to remain unaffected is not that easy as it sounds. But, there are also some people […]

Top 5 Benefits of Mindfulness

Mindfulness means being totally aware of the thoughts and actions in the present moment. Mindfulness is all about being present at the moment, with body, mind and heart, in fact, not thinking about either past or present. Most of us are so deeply caught in this web, that we find it hard to be mindful […]

Way to Ever-Lasting Happiness

If there is one thing that the entire humanity would agree is that, every human born on earth has only one desire and that is to be happy forever and to lead a happy life. Many people run after material things and persons thinking that happiness lies there in those things or with those persons. […]

Recent Research on the Benefits of Music

There has been several research carried out on music and its effect on the human body and brain. The more the number of research, the more, the number the benefits of music are revealed. Let us look at the outcome of the most recent studies carried out on music and its effects on humans. It […]

Music Heals

Music is a part of human life, when we are in a good or bad mood, we usually listen to music. When we are sad and are feeling alone, if we listen to good music it rejuvenates our mind makes us happy. When we pray, we use music to connect ourselves with God. We sing […]

Six Ways to End an Argument or a Fight

Any human born on this earth wants a peaceful and happy life. But in life we come across those situations when we just can’t hold it anymore, we tend to lose our cool and start an argument or a fight. Though, later on, we may repent for our behavior, but for most of us, it […]

Top 5 Tips to Remain Un-effected and to be Peaceful

Happiness is the key to leading the good life. Everyone is looking for happiness and it has been the most valuable thing in life. Leading a life without it is just passing the days without self-realization. It is the most common question that everyone asks: Are you happy? In life, happiness and sadness are the […]

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